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If you know little about gates, their openers and intercom systems, this is the perfect chance for you to get some answers to your questions. If you scroll down, you will discover plenty of answers to frequently asked questions related to gates and their maintenance. Check them out and discover how to take care of your gate

Is it time to find the best answers to your gate related questions? You will find them here below. Check out a number of very interesting frequently asked questions and their answers. You will understand things you have been wondering about for so long! Such answers can be really useful when in need

What should I do to keep bugs out of the opener's control box?

Insects easily find their way into the control box of your gate opener since it is mounted outside. Apart from checking and cleaning it often, our experts would also recommend applying sealant to keep them from entering. You can also spray poison around the box to keep them away, but this not a good idea if you have small children or pets, and keep in mind that these products are usually corrosive.

Is there a way to fix hinges?

Unless your swing gate hinges are completely ruined or extensively corroded (in which cases they must be replaced), you can fix them. If your hinges are welded, welding repairs will be required. If they are simpler and just mounted with screws, you must make sure the gate is aligned and then tighten the fasteners.

What are the most common issues with gate posts?

A post is at high risk of sinking if it is not properly secured in place with concrete or another type of material fulfilling a binding purpose. This is usually the case with wood posts. They are most likely to suffer from water damage too. They should get a new layer of protective coating or paint at least once a year.

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