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With our installation services, you will get everything that you have ever wanted in a new gate. We will do all the work for you and give you the level of security, safety and convenience required. Our company has a large capacity and many years of experience in the industry, which enables us to take up and successfully complete projects of all types and sizes. Whether you want a big wrought iron gate or an elegant small unit made from wood, count on us to install it perfectly and in very little time. The system will be fully automated for you with an electric operator and an intercom. Let us give you exactly what you need and want!

Experienced Installers of New Gates and Openers

New Gates in CaliforniaYou will have to make a lot of important decisions regarding the new gate. We, at "Gate Repair Torrance", will help you to make each and every one of them by providing practical information and advice. Whether you have to take into account major terrain limitations when selecting a gate or need to compare two excellent driveway gate openers from different brands, allow us to assist you with making the best choice. When you use our help throughout the shopping process, you can have peace of mind that all of the components and electronic devices that you choose will be of the highest quality.

It is our commitment to be perfectly punctual when following the work schedule that we have set in advance. Each step of the project will be completed as planned and right on time as well. It all begins with setting the posts. They are secured into the ground to be completely stable. The panels are installed with great care and can be painted for you to get maximum protection from the elements. Alternative options to paint are available as well. All moving metal parts, such as the sliding gate rollers are set in place with the use of tough hardware and lubricated for optimal performance and noise reduction.

The opener is set in place once the door is fully functional. All of its components are reliably connected while the settings are adjusted with perfect accuracy. The loops and sensors are installed while the remotes are programmed. Once the whole opener system is ready, it is tested to confirm that it works smoothly and safety. The final stage of our work involves intercom installation. The components are set at the optimal height and programmed to work effectively.

With us, you will get an electric gate which is gorgeous and works smoothly. In order to hold onto these benefits in the longer term, you need to maintain the system continuously. If you leave this job to us, you will get full care plus timely gate repair and part replacement.

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